AppBox Cloud VPN Duo


AppBox VPN Gateway

Linksys (or others vendor’s) router running OpenWRT. No specific vendor, make or model is promised.
VPN connection speed and capacity varies and solely determined by customer ISP’s network uplink speed and capacity.

On AppBox VPN Gateway, WAN is pre-configured with DHCP. LAN is pre-configured with /24 subnet.
Any computing resources connected to the AppBox VPN Gateway LAN will gain VPN access from VPN client access from anywhere.

AppBox Hosted Cloud VPN Service

AppBox Hosted Cloud VPN Service is currently available in AWS (Amazon Web Services) US-East Region but will expand with customer demand to any available AWS region.

AppBox VPN Gateway is preconfigured to work with the AppBox Hosted VPN server and the issued VPN keys.

The Cloud VPN Duo solution comes with:

One Pre-configured AppBox VPN Gateway
AppBox Hosted Cloud VPN Service
Up to 3 VPN Client Keys and Setup Instruction

The supported VPN client program runs on Microsoft Window, Apple MacOS X and various Linux distribution.